Getting Ready for Autumn

September 13, 2018

In autumn, as temperatures drop and weather becomes more and more unpleasant, it's important to stay warm. The fall time requires home maintenance that can be a challenge for seniors who are living on their own.

Here are some tips for staying safe this fall:

Staying Dry during Rainy Days
Puddles and wet surfaces can be hazardous for people of all ages, but its especially important to help the elderly avoid them. This is because they are often not very stable on their feet. Older individuals may also have poor vision that makes it harder for them to see puddles without help. 

Keeping Warm
Keep the heat at a warm temperature. Check the heating system to make sure it doesn’t need any repairs. If you are working with a fireplace and chimney, have it swept to prevent flue fires. Get a good stockpile of wood ready for when the need arises.

Clearing up the Leaves
When leaves start filling up the yard, it will be time to make sure they're cleaned up on a regular basis. Failure to do so could cause a senior to trip or slip. This becomes especially problematic when leaves get wet during a fall rainstorm. Additionally, be sure to keep leaves from clogging up your loved one’s gutter to protect their house.

Wear Proper Clothing
Make sure that your loved one’s clothing is weather appropriate. Fall can be a confusing time for wardrobes. Leave out a few lighter pieces of clothing while making sure that the warmer pieces are clean and accessible. Bring out the sweaters and the layering pieces.

Flu Season
Elderly people are at a much higher risk of suffering from serious complications if they contract influenza. In fact, at least 71% of all annual flu deaths in the U.S. happen to individuals who are 65 or older. Ensure that your loved ones get the flu shot. Don't forget to wash your hands, use hand sanitizer while in public places and stay clear of friends and relatives who have the flu.

Home Care
Consider hiring a Senyours companion to be available to check in on your loved one and help them with tasks that they may need assistance with. Senyours offers a variety of services that can be catered to your loved one's specific needs. Check out our website for more information.