Hiring a Caregiver

August 14, 2018

Deciding to hire a caregiver is not an easy decision. While it’s important to train professional caregivers to do household tasks and personal care. It's more important to decide whether or not a caregiver is needed to help with senior parents. If a senior home is out of the question or knowing that your parent would be happier living at home. A caregiver can give them the liberty and freedom to live peaceful and calm enviornment. 


What are your needs?

When selecting a caregiver, make sure you identify the needs of your parent. To have peace of mind regarding a potential caregiver, families should look for an individual who is honest, trustworthy, reliable and highly trained. Search for such a person through a reputable company, agency, or network that makes the quality of its caregivers a priority. Look for verification of the person’s credentials. 

Finding a compatibility 

When looking for someone to care for your parent, you should focus on finding a compatible match. The caregiver and your parent will be spending many hours together, and there is a much better chance of a sustaining the relationship if the two of them enjoy each other’s company. Find a compatible caregiver match for your parent, ask questions that will allow them to get to know the potential caregiver. Find out about the person’s hobbies, preferences, and family history. Chat with them to see if they share interests with your senior loved one.

Making the transition

The transition is often easier if your family, including your parent, makes the decision for a transition to senior living together. Your parent may have been living alone, in which case a transition to assisted living may be the best way to assure that there is always someone on-site to meet his or her needs. It’s also comforting to know that your parent has access to daily group activities and won’t be experiencing the effects of social isolation.


Hiring a caregiver can bring a peace of mind knowing that help is immediately available to senior parent. If you are considering a short-term caregiver or can't afford for long-term, consider hiring a care companion from Senyours. Our companions are qualified and verified to handle the simplest of tasks that you'll need for your senior parent to live comfortably. Learn more at https://www.senyours.io/super_adult and schedule a companion today!