Guide to Farmer’s Markets

July 10, 2018

Shopping at farmers markets is the easiest way to eat locally. You know where the food comes from as the farmer is present and you can ask them any questions. A bit of planning can keep weekly shopping for produce at a farmers market a fun visit. Buying ultra-fresh produce when you shop at the farmers market lets the natural flavors show when you cook home meals. You’ll notice the taste right away! Here are some tips on what to expect on your first farmer’s market visit.

  • Know What’s Grown Locally: If you know a bit of what to expect when you get to the farmers market, making decisions at each stall is much easier. Learn what grows in your area and talk to the farmers about what will be coming to market in upcoming weeks, so you can be prepared to buy in bulk!
  • Getting There Early: Markets tend to be less crowded right when they open or just before they close. For the best selection, go to the farmers market early. The best produce goes first and fast. For the best deals, go to the farmers market late. Farmers and other vendors sometimes discount products instead of loading them back up and schlepping them home. Farmers raise this food for a living, however, so don't expect or ask for deep discounts. 
  • Buy in Bulk: The best deals at the farmers market are had when you buy in bulk. You'll enjoy the best flavors and the best prices when you buy lots of whatever is at its harvest peak. How to use it all up? Try new recipes with favorite vegetables or learn the lost art of preserving food. Freezing, canning, and drying are just some of the ways you can save seasonal tastes you find at the farmers market for later in the year.
  • Be Prepared: Make sure everything gets home from the farmers market without crashing onto the sidewalk or spilling onto the floor of your car by bringing your own sturdy canvas or nylon bags. A backpack can make the hauling easier, especially for weighty or bulky items. Purchases will go easier and faster if you have exact change. At some farmers markets, "small change" means dimes and nickels. Consider acquiring a wheeled cart or wagon to get your haul from the farmers market home in one trip. 


Saving money on produce is great and especially supporting the local farmers that grow the produce. If you find yourself needing an extra hand in your shopping sprees, please consider hiring a companion! Learn more about the benefits of hiring a Senyours companion We hope you enjoyed our quick guide on farmer's markets and have a successful shopping spree at your local farmer’s market.